The Pointman's Playbook for PR & Entrepreneurship (w/Patrick McCaully)

Join host Roger Pierce on The Unsure Entrepreneur Podcast as he engages with Patrick McCaully, founder of Pointman News Creation and a public relations virtuoso. 
In this revealing episode, Patrick shares his transformative journey from journalism to the founding of his PR firm, showcasing how a deep understanding of media can lead to groundbreaking campaigns. 
  • Discover the secrets behind creating newsworthy content, mastering the art of the pitch, and turning mundane information into compelling stories that grab media attention. 
  • Patrick also offers invaluable advice for new entrepreneurs, from navigating the shift from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, to innovative strategies for media engagement. 
  • Learn how to use humor and creativity to make your mark in the business world. 
Whether you're in the early stages of your venture or looking to inject new life into your PR efforts, this episode provides essential insights into making impactful connections through media. Tune in to gain practical tips and inspiration from a seasoned expert who knows how to make the media work for you.

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The Pointman's Playbook for PR & Entrepreneurship (w/Patrick McCaully)
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